We Need More Visual Comedy

The research topic I chose for this semester is the study of Visual Comedy, and how this form of visual storytelling has evolved with technological advances over time. But before I even describe the specifics of my research we have to ask: what is Visual Comedy? Visual Comedy is a style of storytelling where the […]

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New Way For Theater

Many theater plays and actors started utilizing digital technology to create a completely new set of interactive experience with the audience. A play known as “Hamlet 360” takes one of Shakespeare’s most well known work and turns it into a virtual reality simulation. “Elements of Oz,” retells the traditional story of Wizard Of Oz but […]

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Beginning My Website

So far the process of making this website has been ok. I already have prior experience in making websites so the hardest task may have been selecting the theme itself. However, I did have a problem during this process when I accidentally deleted my first website. I did contact WordPress.com support services, but they made […]

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