Website Self-Assessment

What changes did you make over the course of the semester, and why? How did your website end up versus how you first imagined it? Were you able to accomplish the goals for your website that you expressed at the beginning of the semester? Was making a website easier or harder than you expected? How […]

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Creative Project

For my creative project I decided to make a comedy, horror digital sketch called Hike Up!, inspired from Saturday Night Live’s higher budgeted sketches they have in their shows. I approached this project like how I approach any of my films, I first started with the script which I constantly rewrote over and over again […]

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Deleting Tweets

Despite all of the similar function social media platforms provides for the users, deleting your tweets on Twitter still hasn’t been implemented like any other social media platforms. To this, many people use external source, one which is specifically called TwitterDelete, has over 4.5 million people use its service, with now over 700 million posts […]

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Rough Draft Research Paper

Thesis: Although as the age of the technological era has made more information accessible than ever before, comedy on digital platforms itself shaped communication and the interactive nature of social media. The Main Points Of Essay:What are the main types of Comedy in digital era (Bucaria) dark humor: humor about death, sickness, and disability sexual […]

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YouTube Algorithm

This articles confronts the rising issue about YouTube’s “rabbit-hole” algorithm, where one user who click on a video will be recommended to a more extreme, unrelated videos from the original. According to YouTube themselves, apparently over 70% of the total time the users’ are on the platform is when they are watching the recommended videos. […]

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