Deleting Tweets

Despite all of the similar function social media platforms provides for the users, deleting your tweets on Twitter still hasn’t been implemented like any other social media platforms. To this, many people use external source, one which is specifically called TwitterDelete, has over 4.5 million people use its service, with now over 700 million posts deleted. By 2014, Twitter created a function which allows anyone, whether it’s your friends or your boss, to search any old tweets. One of the main controversies that is brought forth recently was when James Gunn, the director for the Marvel film “Guardians Of The Galaxy,” was removed from the sequel due to the fact people discovered his right-winged tweets he posted years ago. The ultimate goal for any service or business for that matter, is to increase the engagement which allows for more advertisers to place ads on different posts, and increase traction to gain revenue. For every tweet, you can now add pictures or gifs just based on keywords, and they even increased the character limit from 140 to 280. However, because of this it almost creates an indirect system that exposes the users’ private lives, and create an environment that may possibly be hostile to future actions. Despite this, the exposure of privacy has always been a common consequence of social media in general, so the main goal for anyone is to not to allow these systems to make you say things, but to use this system with every intention of putting your words into a stage where anyone and everyone can see you.


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